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I will custom sign all items (that means I'll write whatever you want on them),
or, if you want, I will leave them as they are. You can let me know your preference
once you have won one of the auctions.

Please submit any questions via email to contact@brentalfloss.com
Img 2588
1989 Nintendo Trade Flyer
Img 2585 copy
Img 2571 copy
 My Wii Console
Img 2590
NES Advantage controller
(Used in "Nintendohemian
" video)
Img 2575
1994 Donkey Kong figurine
Img 2576
1994 Diddy Kong figurine
Img 2587
Fish Puppets
from Literally Shorts #9
Img 2586
"Old Man" Beard
from Zelda With Lyrics &
Zelda II With Lyrics
Img 2582
Super Mario Bros.
NES Cartridge
Img 2593
TLoZ: Ocarina of Time
N64 cartridge
Img 2584
Img 2583
Boxing Gloves
from "Punch-Out!! With Lyrics"
Img 2579
Super Mario Bros. 2
NES Cartridge
Img 2580
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
NES Cartridge
Img 2596
Out-of-print brentalfloss Shirt
Medium Ladies' Baby Tee
Img 2595
Out-of-print brentalfloss Shirt
XL Ladies' Baby Tee
Img 2572
Pokémen Prop Pack
(Pikachu ears,
Pokéball helmet, &
"Kilroy mask" from
Pokémen video.)
Img 2598
NES Controller
(Used in "Zelda II With Lyrics")
Img 2577
Super Mario Land
Gameboy Cartridge
Img 2599
Electronic Gaming Monthly
Feb 1997 Issue
Img 2592
NES Zapper
Img 2578
Kirby's Dream Land
Gameboy Cartridge
Yep. Let's talk about what you want to
talk about.
8 X 10 Promo Flyer
(From my first-ever
Canadian Fan Expo appearance)
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