About brentalfloss

Brent "Brentalfloss" Black is a comedian, musician, and gamer. His YouTube channel first gained notoriety in 2008 when he added lyrics to the title theme from Mega Man 3 and created the "With Lyrics" series. He has since grown a YouTube subscriber base of over 430,000 and released three full-length albums, all which have reached the top ten in the iTunes comedy charts, and two of which reached the top ten on Billboard's comedy charts. He has performed at music venues and conventions all over North America and Europe.

Aside from the "Brentalfloss" persona, Brent is a songwriter with a background in musical theatre. He composed the score for indie game "Default Dan," co-created the digital party game "Use Your Words," and co-hosts the "Question Box" podcast with Kate Sloan and the "Trends Like These" news podcast with Travis McElroy and Courtney Enlow. He is currently based out of Philadelphia.