About Brent

Brent Black is a comedian, musician, game developer, and entertainer. He's best known for his YouTube parody music channel Brentalfloss which has garnered nearly half a million subscribers. His three full-length Brentalfloss albums all charted in the the top ten on the iTunes and Billboard comedy charts. He has performed hundreds of live shows all over North America and Europe.

Aside from his YouTube persona, Brent is a songwriter with a background in musical theatre. He collaborated with Rob Broadhurst on an Off-Broadway musical called I'll Be Damned and wrote the music/lyrics/book of Khan!!! The Musical!, a Star Trek parody musical which had a critically acclaimed and sold-out Off-Broadway run in the spring of 2023. He also co-created the video game Use Your Words and co-hosted the podcasts Trends Like These with Travis McElroy and Courtney Enlow, and Question Box with Kate Sloan. He currently resides in New York City.