This is a list of the questions I get asked most often in emails. I'd appreciate it if you'd check this list first before sending me an email.

“Where did you get your Mega Man shirt?”
I got it at Hot Topic in 2008. As far as I know, it is no longer in print.

“Have you ever thought about adding lyrics to __________?”
Yes. I have read approximately three kerjillion Youtube messages, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts since 2008, so if it exists, someone has suggested it to me and I’ve thought about it.

"Will you plug my Kickstarter?"
Probably not.

"Why haven't you added lyrics to _________?"
Because I didn't want to add lyrics to it badly enough to do it. But maybe I will in the future.

"Would you like to collaborate with me on a song or a video?"
I appreciate the thought, but when it comes to collaboration, don't call me, I'll call you ;)

"What software do you use to build your website?"
Bandzoogle. Check out

“Can I use your music in one of my videos?”

Sure, but please credit me in the video description, as well as an annotation or title text in the video. Also, please provide a full link to my CD, such as or ...Thanks!

"Where did the name "brentalfloss" come from?"
In late 2004, I wanted to change my AIM screen name to something that included my name and reflected a sense of humor. Thus "brentalfloss" was born. I continued to use it as a login name on various sites and I used it when I joined Youtube. Sometimes I wish I had a cool story about it like "Well, I was in dental school when I decided to add lyrics to video game tunes" or something cool like that, but nope... just a weird little idea I had for a screen name.

“I’m an aspiring musician, do you have any tips for me?”
Yes: Play your instrument. What would you tell a kid who wanted to get really good at basketball? “Play about 10,000 hours of basketball, kid.” If you want to be good at something, do it every day for years. That’s how you get really good at something.

"Will you tell me your Wii Friend Code/Xbox Gamertag/PSN ID/3DS Friend Code/Wii U Network ID?"

“I’m an aspiring songwriter, do you have any tips for me?”
Yes, Google this book: Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft by Stephen Citron. It changed my life. Also, if you want to be a songwriter, write songs. Every day. Write one before bed, write one when you’re bored in class, write one while you’re sitting on the toilet, just write and don’t stop writing till you write something brilliant. Then give yourself a high five and get back to writing.

“Can you send me sheet music/chords/tabs for one of your songs?”

If it’s not available at then it’s not available. I learn songs by ear, so there generally isn’t sheet music or chords.

“Would you be interested in doing an interview on my podcast/radio show?”
Maybe. Send me a proposal at

"Where can I read your official lyrics?"
Most of my lyrics are posted at (And for the G-Rated CD, )

“Do you take requests?”

"Have you ever heard of ________?"
Yes. Whatever it is, yes.

"Have you ever played a game called __________?"
You'd probably be disappointed with my answer.

“Will you come do a show in my area?”

Read this blog post on the subject.

“How can I contact you?”
Email me at
If it’s a short message I don’t necessarily have to answer:
Don’t write me a message on Youtube, you’ll just be directed to send me an email.

"Of all the songs you've done, which is your favorite?"
Whichever one you like best.

“Can I do a cover of one of your songs on Youtube?”

Yes, but please credit me in the video description, as well as an annotation or title text in the video. Also, please provide a full link to my CD, such as or ...Thanks!

“I need your help for a homework assignment.”

“Could I buy you a meal when you come to my town?”
I appreciate the offer, but no, I’ve had some bad experiences doing that kind of thing before. Think about it: It’s a nice offer, but it means that no matter if you’re totally cool or super-creepy, I’m obligated to spend at least half an hour keeping you company because you offered to buy me food. I hope I don’t sound like a jerk here, it’s just that you’re a stranger. Keep in mind that I don’t know you, even if you watch my videos and feel like you know me. If you come to one of my shows at a bar, feel free to buy me a drink ☺